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Preparing for higher education with an international course that promotes excellence !

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Why IB at Sem ?

Sem’ de Walbourg offerts students 2 or 3 years course that promotes excellence and is recognised worldwide for its innovative project-based approach to teaching, an approach that involves research, collaboration, conceptual understanding, and a grasp of local and global contexts.

For whom and how ?

For young French or English speaking people who are looking for somewhere to take their 2nd or 1er years (Grades 10-11)

  • Stimulating and demanding academic training.
  • Attentive and personalized follow-up of students by IB teachers.
  • Supervised schooling that encourages autonomy.
  • Targeted studies and research time for optimal exam preparation.
  • Pedagogy of projects, valuing skills, acclaimed by universities and employers.
  • Certified IB teachers .

Sem located in the heart of Europe!

Le Sem de Walbourg enjoys a geographical location ideally located in the heart of Europe, 30 minutes from Strasbourg and close to the European borders, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy…

For a complete course

each IB student must choose three subjects at higher level

and three subjects at standard level from the six IB subject groups.

In addition to these six subject choices

each student must complete the three Common Core components specifically

designed to develop critical thinking, broad research and writing skills,

and their ability to implement a project in service of a community.

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The Common Core


a writing of 4000 words, the result of a demanding and independent person research.

PROGRAM CAS - Creativity • Action • Service

a creative project, at the service of collectivity & community.

TOK - Theory of Knowledge

a complex and holistic reflection on the nature of knowledge.

Subjects Offered

Language Acquisition

  • English B
  • French Ab Initio
  • French B
  • Spanish B

Language and Literature

  • Français A : Langue et Litérature
  • English A : Language and Literature

Inviduals and Societies

  • Economy
  • History


  • Mathematics and Interpretations

The Arts

  • Music


  • Physical
  • Biology
Ready to join ?

The process involves various stages :

  1. Download the enrolment application form and All it.BB Documents to be attached to the form: 1 recent photo, a copy of the last 3 school reports in your possession, a processing fee of €30.
  2. Please then return it by email to the following address :
  3. You will be contacted within 8 days