Digital Tools at the Sem

Building the future with today's tools

Digital has now become omnipresent in the world of work as well as in our daily lives, which is why the Sem is equipped and provides current digital tools for 4.0 learning.

A 4.0 high school

All high school students are equipped with a computer provided by the Grand Est region. Textbooks are therefore exclusively digital. High school students connect easily since fiber is available everywhere via wifi or wired.

Sem Lycee 4.0

A software suite for everyone

The Sem’ provides each student with an office 365 pack. Thus, everyone works on the same basis and has: Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint… and a Cloud to store their documents.

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In college: iPad fleets by subject

In languages, sciences, PE… mobile carts allow teachers to use iPads according to the tone they want to give to their sessions.

Sem Flotte ipad

iPads for group work

An iPad room, equipped with 15 devices is shared by the classes, and accessible by reservation by teachers.

The CDI is also equipped with tablets to allow students to carry out their research.

Sem Salle ipad

Option Music evolves and becomes:

Digital Sound Art Option

  • Sound creations thanks to the digital tool
  • Mastery of computer tools in musical creation (MAO)
  • MIDI language, audio plug-ins, virtual synths, audio sequencers, auto-tune
  • Sound recording, sound reinforcement, recording, mixing, audio mastering
  • Podcast, editing and live audio/video streaming (twitch/Youtube)
Sem Option Art Son Digital 1
Sem Option Art Son Digital 2
  • Sampling, Djing: mastery of electronic music tools


  • Discovery of sound and image professions
  • Meetings of artists and actors of cultural and artistic life (engineers of the
    sound, sound designers, composers, producers)
  • Participation in local and regional events (concerts, shows, exhibitions…)
Sem Option Art Son Digital 3
Sem Option Art Son Digital 4
Sem Enseignants Educateurs Equipes

Teachers and educators equipped

More than 30 Sem’ teachers and educators have been provided with an iPad to help their students go digital.

Each classroom is equipped with a PC.

All use Office 365 sharing and communication tools.