Sem trips and outings

Because travel trains youth!

Open up to the world throughout your schooling

6th grade discovery class

Sem Classe 6eme Decouverte

During a 4-day stay in the region, the students get to know each other and discover their theme for the year.

Seconds integration stay

Sem Voyage Paris

Visits and discoveries related to the coloring they have chosen: the worlds of entertainment, science, sport or business and politics.

Stay in the ski and mountain Alps

Sem Sejour Ski Alpes

A week in the Alps to discover the practice of skiing but also the fauna and flora in the mountains.

In the footsteps of Harry Potter

Sem Sejour Londres

Journey of discovery of the story of Harry Potter in London or Scotland.

Discovery of North Germany

Sem Voyage Allemagne du Nord

For Germanists, it is an opportunity for family immersion, an opportunity for intercultural openness that is very beneficial to learning.

A trip for latinists

Sem Voyage Latin

For classes from 5th to 3rd trip to Rome / Athens / Provence

A trip to London / Scotland

Sem Voyage Londres Ecosse

For 10 graders

Artistic residency at La Castine

Sem Residence Artistique Castine

In order for the spinning to be as close as possible to real performance conditions, the students rehearse for a whole week on the stage of this local hall.