Boarding school at Sem

A concerted choice: parents, students, establishment. Choosing boarding school is a big decision in the education of a child.

The Sem’ offers support whose project must be shared by all: students, parents, supervisors.

Its main educational values are:

  • Respect others and be supportive
  • Take care of yourself, be responsible and autonomous
  • Open up to the world, to spirituality and sharpen your critical mind
  • Engage in schoolwork and discipline.

If the rules resulting from this project are adapted to young people of the 21st century, the fact remains that the values carried for more than 70 years are the strength of the Sem’ which welcomes nearly 250 interns each year.

Sem Internat Terrain
Sem Internat Jogging Matinal

Who is the boarding school for?

For students from 6th to 12th grade, girls or boys, who want to give priority to their school work and who, to do so, take advantage of the ideal setting of the boarding school.

At the Sem, the internal student will find:

  • a rhythm of life adapted to the workload of his level,
  • a living environment surrounded by nature conducive to sports activities but also to serenity,
  • an educational team attentive to his needs: demanding, caring and always by his side. It is made up of teachers, educators and also a health team and a pastoral team.
  • a cultural life: thanks to outings and workshops,
  • friends to share his daily life in a spirit of mutual aid and solidarity.

Accommodation and living environment

Middle School

  • Rooms for 2 to 4 students, equipped with individual wardrobes and a desk.
  • Sanitary upstairs with individual showers, sinks and toilets.
  • 1 room per floor is dedicated to study. With a capacity of 40 to 50 seats each. They all have individual desks assigned to students at the start of the year. They can store their school supplies there. Internet access is available for school research. Textbooks and dictionaries are available to students.
  • 1 foyer (mixed) is accessible during recreation times and after dinner. It is equipped with board games, table football and armchairs.

Discover the video presentation of the boarding school at the Middle School ↓

High School

  • Rooms for 1 or 2 students. Bathroom shared with the adjoining room for single rooms or directly in the room for doubles.
  • Cabinet and individual storage shelves.
  • Individual office in the bedroom.
  • Wired internet network in all rooms.
  • 1 foyer with relaxation areas.
  • 1 weight room is accessible on the ground floor of the boarding school.

Discover the video presentation of the boarding school at the High School ↓