Sem International School

A Catholic school where pupils of all denominations or none have been welcomed for the past 75 years from Grade 4 to Grade 12

  • Boarding life during the week and on
  • A 15 hectares campus in the heart of
  • 753 students 203 boarders 60 teachers
  • 16 education assistants
  • Pathway to international excellence:
    JEV Exchange Programme and IB Diploma Programme
  • Full sports campus, Apple TV classrooms,
    iPad, laboratories, music rooms..
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Immersion Programs

"So French" Program

Hosting foreign students : 12 nationalities
French as a foreign language program (FLE)
French immersion program
JEV’ Langues partnership

"Living Abroad" Program

Exchange program for 4 months to 1 year
in Australia, United States of America and

Passion for Languages

Foreign Language extracurricular projects

  • French as a Foreign Language (FLE)
    lessons by a certified FLE teacher
  • 1 English hour/week starting Grade 4
    with a UK Schooltrip « Looking for Harry
    Potter » !
  • EURO German group from Grade 9 to
    12 – section with History & Geography
    taught in german
  • Expert English in Grade 9 and 10 with a
    gradual project-upto Grade 5
  • LCE Spanish Grade 8 and 9 Culture
    section 1 hour/week
    * Monthly foreign language podcast
Sem Langues Etrangeres

International Baccalaureate

Preparing for higher education with an international course that promotes excellence