Sem International School

A Catholic school where pupils of all denominations or none have been welcomed for the past 75 years from Grade 4 to Grade 12

  • Boarding life during the week and on weekends
  • 15 hectares of land in the heart of an exceptional forest
  • 760 students 220 boarders 60 teachers and 16 education assistants
  • Full sports campus, Apple TV classrooms,
    iPad, laboratories, music rooms..

International sector of excellence:

  • International School in partnership with JEV Languages
  • Dual Diploma, a French and American baccalaureate
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Immersion Programs

So French Sem

"So French" Program

Hosting foreign students : 12 nationalities
French as a foreign language program (FLE)
French immersion program
JEV’ Langues partnership
Living Abroad Sem

"Living Abroad" Program

Exchange program for 4 months to 1 year
in Australia, United States of America and
Logo Dual Diploma

Dual Diploma

French and American baccalaureate
in partnership with JEV Langues

Passion for Languages

Foreign Language extracurricular projects


  • French as a Foreign Language (FLE) lessons by a certified FLE teacher
  • 1 English hour/week for Grade 4
  • EURO German section
  • EURO English section starting Grade 9
  • Spanish Foreign Language and Culture section for Grade 8
  • Monthly foreign language podcast


Sem Langues Etrangeres

Dual Diploma

Preparing for higher education with an international course that promotes excellence

The Dual Diploma course is a double diploma - The French Baccalauréat and The American High School Diploma.

Sem Programme

The programme consists of credits.
24 credits must be acquired in a maximum of 4 years of schooling. Monitoring is done exclusively by continuous assessment.
A score of at least 76% (a grade of “C” or higher) is required for each credit to be validated.
The 24 credits are divided into 2 categories:

  • 18, as a common core of the French programme
  • 6 others, with purely American content obtained under the supervision of the American educational authorities


Attached to a real high school in exclusive partnership with the THORNTON ACADEMY High School founded in 1811.


Diploma delivered by the WASHINGTON ACADEMY, founded in 1792
The 6 credits are delivered at a rate of 2 per year:

  • 2 during a long stay in the USA, guaranteeing bilingualism and excellent cultural adaptation.
  • 4 online with the possibility of reducing the online duration to 1 year, by opting for an intensive 4-week session, in addition to the first year online.

The learner's skills

The Dual Diploma Programme is for young students aged 14- 17 who wish to get an American high school diploma as well as a French baccalauréat.

The Duall Diploma develops a borad range of soft and global skills that go beyond academic success.

Pathway to us universities

Thanks to the partnership with JEV Langues which benefits from an exclusive collaboration with WASHINGTON Academy delivering the Dual Diploma, Sem’ students who opt for the Dual Diploma will be awarded a diploma that is valued by several American universities.

Thanks to this partnership, our students wishing to study in the USA are pre-validated and can be granted a scholarship of $10,000 per year of study.

French universities strongly value the Dual Diploma as well.

Acces Universites Dual Diploma

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